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Launch of our Diwali range of products…

First step is done! We have been able to work out and juggle many things together within a short-time to bring to you our first set of products – focussed on Diwali as a theme. We have come up a wide range of decorative tea-light candle holders, flower hangings, door hangings, to make your festival of light even more bright!

View our products in the “Shop” section – Alas! you won’t be able to order it online – believe me – even that would be fully operational shortly. Meanwhile, reach out to us through Contact Us page, or visit our stalls to physically look at the products and take them to your home.

Subscribe our Facebook page to see what we are bringing and where you can meet us and see our “Creations”.

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The Festival season is here….

Wow! what a great time it has been last 1 month – thinking about where to begin with, what products to launch, how and where to design, how to get them crafted and shipped to our warehouse (our garage – currently) !

The festival season is coming up … Diwali – the festival of lights, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day ….. I know there are many more festivals in different countries and cultures, and we will be reaching out to you for your advise on what you want to make your festivals, special occassions grand! We have limited knowledge, and limited budget – so just a humble beginning – doing things which we are familiar with and let’s together build it up.

So why not, start right here with our products for upcoming festival season. Next 6 months are going to be crazy for us and we have just started our Diwali range of colorful lights ! Keep coming back to see what new is coming!

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Hello world – Mannica is here!

We are super-excited to announce the start of an eternal journey!

Mannica Creations is the brainchild of a regular family who had recently migrated to Australia, and were searching for items to decorate their new homes. But alas they could only find items which are either plain-bland, mass-manufactured and completely lacked creativity, and human touch.

We felt that there is a huge need of items which represent cultures and our heritage, that come in vibrant colors, and has been designed and in many cases even crafted by human hands. Yes ! we know we are not in the mass-manufacturing and hence we will always have a limited set (As the marketing gurus call – “Limited Edition” ) of products. However, there is lot of design and creative thinking that has gone into each of our products. They have been even created by craftsmen and artisans and packaged by human hand.

We are sure – you would love our Creations, the same way we love them !!